Rooney Mara To Play A Pop Star In Brady Corbet's 'Vox Lux'

The fall festival season is in full swing and already it's been very busy for Rooney Mara. She's been out there stumping for three anticipated dramas; Una, Lion, and The Secret Scripture. At least two of those are expected to make an awards run, and once Mara wraps up the press tour she's jumping in to the latest directorial effort from actor Brady Corbet.

Mara will play a pop star in Vox Lux, which Corbet will direct with plans to shoot in 65mm and present in 70mm. Whoa, ambitious. The film, which will feature an entire soundtrack of original music by Sia, tells the 15-year journey of singer Celeste as she rises from national tragedy to superstardom. Her story begins in 1999 so its conceivable the tragedy she emerges from has to do with 9/11, but we shall see.

This will mark Corbet's follow-up to his debut feature, The Childhood of a Leader, which earned awards at Venice earlier this year.  Filming on Vox Lux is to begin in February. [Deadline]