'Rogue One' Replaces Alexandre Desplat With Composer Michael Giacchino

There have been so many reports of delays and reshoots on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story that one more shouldn't be a surprise. Suddenly, Oscar-winning composer Alexandre Desplat is out, to be replaced by Michael Giacchino whose sound isn't remotely the same. So that should be of some interest.

THR has the report, noting that shifts in the schedule made Desplat, who is a pretty busy guy, unavailable to complete the score. Giacchino has history with Disney, having won an Oscar with them for Pixar's Up.  He's also done work on Doctor Strange, John Carter, The Incredibles, and more, so yeah, they are very familiar with him and what he's capable of. You can also hear his scores in the Star Trek trilogy, Jurassic World, and Tomorrowland.

But as I mentioned earlier, his style isn't nearly as moody as Desplat's, which makes one wonder if this switch was made because of a change in the film's tone. If so that lends credence to the idea they were more considerable than we knew.  And with Giacchino coming in this late in the game, let's just hope has time to finish.

Well, if the Imperial March sounds like the theme from Ducktales then we'll know why. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens December 16th.