Owen Wilson And Ed Helms Are 'Bastards' In the Comedy's First Trailer

It's the season of baby daddy drama, apparently. Not only does Renee Zellwegger grapple with the question of her baby's father in Bridget Jones's Baby, but in a few months Ed Helms and Owen Wilson will go off in search of their pops in Bastards, the new comedy from longtime cinematographer-turned-director Lawrence Sher.

Helms and Owen play Peter and Kyle, who learn on the day of their mother's wedding that their father, who they had been told died of colon cancer, is actually alive and she has no idea who it could be. Is it Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw? Or a creep played by J.K. Simmons?  The two brothers go off on a quest to discover who their dear ol' Dad really is, and presumably hilarity ensues. All of the butt humor isn't particular funny, nor is the bit with Katt Williams as a hijacker and potential serial killer, but maybe they're saving the best gags for the movie...?

Also starring Katie Aselton, Ving Rhames, Glenn Close, and J.K. Simmons, Bastards opens January 27th 2017.