New Posters And Images Reveal Tom Ford's 'Nocturnal Animals'

It's been a really long wait for Tom Ford's A Single Man follow-up, Nocturnal Animals. Based on the glowing reviews out of Venice it's been more than worth it as the film has quickly been elevated to potential Oscars status, and that's before it plays at TIFF in a few days. Focus Features is putting all of their weight behind this one, and the marketing campaign gets going in earnest with new character posters and images featuring Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The film is based on the meta narrative established in Austin Wright's novel, "Tony and Susan". Adams plays an artist who receives a manuscript from the ex-husband (Gyllenhaal) she hasn't seen in nearly two decades. The story centers on a family of three's vacation as it descends into shocking violence. Is her ex sending a not-so-subtle threat of violence himself? Or is there something deeper afoot? In the hands of Ford I'm guessing it's the latter.

Nocturnal Animals co-stars Isla Fisher, Armie Hammer, Jena Malone, Michael Sheen, Ellie Bamber, and Laura Linney with a release date of November 18th.