Morgan Spurlock's 'Rats' Trailer Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

I nearly threw up while watching the trailer for Rats, the new documentary from Morgan Spurlock. That's not an exaggeration. Vermin make my skin crawl, even the mice some people think are cute make me want to head for the hills. So trying to endure this was practically unbearable, and nearly had me revisiting my breakfast burrito.

This is not like the tongue-in-cheek docs Spurlock normally directs like Super Size Me or Comic-Con: A Fan's Hope. Rats takes a long at the long history of rat infestations, and how the creatures have pretty much overrun every major city in the United States. You'll never want to sit on a public toilet again after watching this. You may never leave the house. Oh, well, they're probably in your house too so....

It's something about watching the rats scramble around on top of one another and the chittering noises they make that...uggghhh....that's enough. Check out the trailer for yourself if you've got the stomach for it. Rats will screen in certain theaters at midnight on September 23rd and 24th before hitting the Discovery Channel on October 22nd.