'Mission: Impossible 6' Back On As Tom Cruise Gets Paid

Paramount has been taking it on the chin all year with a series of expensive flops (Ben-Hur, TMNT 2, Star Trek Beyond), so it made some degree of sense they'd want to trim costs going forward. But you don't try that cost-cutting crap when it comes to Tom Cruise and Mission: Impossible, which has made the studio a ton of money across five movies. Yet try it they did, and the salary dispute halted production on the sixth film in the franchise. Fortunately, all sides appear to have resolved their little catfight and the mission can proceed as planned.

THR reports that both sides have agreed on the money involved and Cruise will sign on the dotted line soon. Paramount had wanted him and his producers to cut their usual fees, while the actor wanted them to match the cashola he's getting from Universal for The Mummy. So who won? Chances are we'll never know, and honestly we shouldn't care. Everybody's going to make a lot of money out of this...well, except for us.

So Mission: Impossible 6 is back on with Christopher McQuarrie behind the camera and Rebecca Ferguson (and her yellow dress, I hope?) confirmed to return. If filming kicks off in the spring as expected we could see it in theaters by late 2017.