Mindy Kaling And Emma Thompson Teaming For A Late-Night Talk Show Movie

Who wouldn't want their own late night talk show? I hate talking to people and even I want one. That's why you see so many movies in which stars give themselves their own show (like Kristen Wiig's excellent Welcome to Me). Well now Mindy Kaling has penned a new movie about just such a thing, and it will see her teamed up with Emma Thompson.

Variety reports Kaling and Thompson will star in an untitled movie about a veteran late night talk show host in danger of losing her gig after hiring her first female writer.  Thompson will play the host while Kaling is the writer, and I bet she gave herself all the good jokes.  The Devil Wears Prada meets Broadcast News is how the project is being described, which may explain why uber-producer Scott Rudin is involved.

Something tells me they'll seek out a female director for this one but as of now nobody is attached. Why not Thompson herself? Kaling has been on fire lately, securing roles in Disney's A Wrinkle in Time adaptation and Ocean's Eight alongside Sandra Bullock.