Mel Gibson Joins Action Spy Film 'Every Other Weekend'

If you didn't catch Mel Gibson in Blood Father (review here), it was the controversial actor back to his old form. But it was also just a part of what has been an impressive career turnaround. His war movie Hacksaw Ridge debuted to strong reviews in Venice and looks to be a sleeper this awards season; and he's also set to join Sean Penn for the Oxford Dictionary drama, The Professor and the Madman. So what's next? How about an action movie that may sound silly, but could end up being kinda great?

THR reports Gibson will star in Every Other Weekend, an action-adventure movie directed by French filmmaker Benjamin Rocher. The film sounds like the beginning of a Spy Kids-type franchise, centering on a teen who thinks his father is a spy, when he's actually a boring ol' analyst for the CIA. However it turns out grandpa (Gibson) is an actual agent and comes to their rescue when they get into trouble in Paris.

Not really knowing Rocher's work it's tough to gauge the film's potential. However, I do trust in Gibson to deliver the goods whatever the tone may be, and who knows? We could have another Blood Father on our hands.