Mark Romanek Hits The Jackpot With 'Septillion To One'

The last time Mark Romanek directed a feature film was 2010's Never  Let Me Go. That's way too long. Sure he's been making a lot of music videos for stars such as Justin Timberlake, U2, and Jay-Z, but he needs to be making movies. He's attached himself to a few projects that never came to be (mostly because he keeps dropping out), and hopefully that won't happen this time with the romantic comedy, Septillion to One.

That title is a little tough to forget so you may recall Alexander Payne was eyeing it for himself just last year. The film tells the true story of Joan Ginther, a statistics professor who used her knowledge to hit the Texas State Lottery multi-million dollar jackpot four times, amassing over $20M. She's pursued for fraud by an FBI agent, but while he's trying to figure out if she broke the rules they instead fall in love.

Adam R. Perlman and Graham Sack wrote the script which has been compared to Silver Linings Playbook in tone. Not the kind of thing we'd normally expect from Romanek but it'll just be good to see him back making movies again. There should be some casting news soon as the project is virtually ready to roll.