Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn Spinoff Just Took A Step Forward

Despite the critical response to Suicide Squad, audiences generally enjoyed the supervillain teamup flick, which is why it's now over $700M at the box office. You could argue it's the most successful movie in Warner Bros.' DCU, with numerous characters emerging out of it that fans really want to see more of. And the one they want to see most is Harley Quinn, who was played with psychotic glee by the uber-talented Margot Robbie. And Warner Bros. clearly knows it, which is why they have taken steps to keep her in the family.

That Harley Quinn spinoff movie we previously learned about has taken a step forward with Robbie signing a first look deal with the studio. She already has two projects in the works at Warner Bros., biopic Queen of the Air and the Harley Quinn movie which she will star in and exec-produce. Details on the latter remain few but it's expected that other DC heroines will appear.  She's got a ton of other projects on the way, as well. We just received the debut image from the noir thriller Terminal days ago, in which Robbie appears as a femme fatale who encounters two hit-men on a dangerous job. She also has a Tonya Harding drama and an adaptation of psychological thriller, Bad Monkeys.

So far the relationship between Warner Bros. and Robbie has been a fruitful one. She teamed with her Suicide Squad co-star for Focus, a smallish crime movie that earned $159M worldwide. The Legend of Tarzan, which seemed poised to be a disaster, nevertheless went on to make over $350M. As Robbie's power base grows we may see her become a WB mainstay just like Ben Affleck, who pretty much works with them exclusively now. [THR]