'MacGruber' Sequel's Script Is Officially Being Written

Is it any coincidence that movement on a MacGruber sequel is happening now as a new MacGuyver TV series has just begun? Probably, yeah, it's a coincidence. Anyway, MacGruber arrived six years ago, got hammered by critics (although I enjoyed it), and also was a bomb at the box office. However, it did pretty well in home release, and for years there have been half-hearted attempts to launch a sequel. While Universal hasn't been all that eager for it to happen, star Will Forte and co-writer/director Jorma Taccone have been, and they are finally taking steps make it a reality.

Taccone dropped a couple of tweets that revealed writing has begun on MacGruber 2, possibly subtitled "Super Duper Rough". That's all we know about it right now. Look, there are a few obvious obstacles here before anybody gets too excited. For starters, the first film didn't do well. Second, Taccone just starred and directed with his Lonely Island bros in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, which was a huge flop. And third, Universal might not even give it a green light.

So just relax on this one for now. It's possible Forte has earned enough good buzz for his recent work in Nebraska and The Last Man on Earth to deserve another shot. For now it may require some MacGruber-level construction to piece this project into reality.