'Luke Cage' Doesn't Break In New Clip From The Netflix Series

Marvel and Netflix's Luke Cage series hits in just a few weeks and already the reviews are rolling in. From what I've been able to gather it's being hailed as another success partnership between Marvel and the streaming network, with the majority of praise aimed at star Mike Colter.  Unfortunately the rest of us have to wait a while longer, but this new clip is here to help tide us over.

It's a scene that shows once again how indestructible Luke Cage is, as he easily handles a group of armed goons. After surviving a sucker punch, a bullet to the hand and a bat to the arm, he finishes up by asking the last remaining foe, "You want some"?  Probably not.

While this show looks cool, what's the drama in Luke Cage fighting guys like this? Sure he'll have some powered enemies like Cottonmouth (Mahershala Ali) to contend with, and the majority of his problems will be socio-political, but I want to see how they intend to make each episode thrilling when Cage is never in true danger.

Luke Cage hits Netflix on September 30th, and of course we'll have a recap up soon after.