Julia Roberts To Star In Harlan Coben Mystery 'Fool Me Once'

I love Harlan Coben novels, but I can also admit his best stuff is all pretty much the same. Tell No One, Six Years, and many of his other books center on supposedly dead or missing people who mysteriously turn up alive. He might craft different stories around that same central idea, but not that much. And the same goes for his latest book, "Fool Me Once", which is now being adapted into a movie starring Julia Roberts.

Roberts is set to produce and headline an adaptation of the bestselling mystery novel, which centers on a former special ops pilot who sees her daughter playing with her husband, a man who had been murdered weeks earlier.  Yep, same ol' same ol', but Coben's stories remain thrilling and he usually comes up with a good twist at the end.

No writer or director is attached yet but Roberts is a pretty good place to start and should make recruiting others much easier.