Julia Roberts To Play Real-Life PTA Mom 'Framed' By Student's Vengeful Parents

Considering we've seen moms of high school cheerleaders try to murder their daughters' competition, nothing should surprise us anymore when it comes to parents and their kids. That said, the case of Kelli Peters was still incredible, which is why her story was chronicled in the LA Times' engrossing expose earlier this month. Her story was also captured in the book, “I’ll Get You!” Drugs, Lies, and the Terrorizing of a PTA Mom" co-written by Peters herself, and an adaptation of it is on the way with Julia Roberts set to star.

Roberts will produce and headline Framed, which details how Peters, a PTA president at her daughter's Orange County elementary school, saw her life ruined by the vindictive parents of a student. Peters ran afoul of the two parents, both high-powered lawyers, when she was accused of delaying their son's afterschool pick-up. So they launched a campaign to destroy her life, all the way up to planting drugs in her car and calling the police. Peters was arrested, but the false report was soon discovered and she was released. Earlier this year she won a $5.7M civil judgment against the couple. 

It almost sounds like the plot undertaken to destroy Mila Kunis' character in Bad Moms, except this story is true.  Multiple bidders are said to be interested in the project even though no writer or director are attached. Expect that to change very soon.