Joe Manganiello Finally Cast As Deathstroke In Ben Affleck's Solo Batman Flick

Last week Ben Affleck got the Internet all riled up when he dropped a mysterious video of someone in the role of top DC baddie, Deathstroke. It was clearly done from the Justice League set where filming is taking place, but it was soon revealed the character would be part of Affleck's upcoming solo Batman movie. Now we know who will actually be playing the role and it's someone Warner Bros. is very familiar with, Magic Mike star and convenience store exhibitionist Joe Manganiello.

Wall Street Journal got the confirmation from DC Film boss Geoff Johns, who also revealed that it was Manganiello under the mask the whole time. Dude. What we don't know is if the character, a highly skilled assassin with incredible mental capability, will appear in Justice League first. It's probably a safe bet.

This is a pretty big deal. You may recall Manganiello was on the very short list to play Superman in Man of Steel, and has been rumored for other DCU roles ever since, including Deathstroke when we thought he'd be in Suicide Squad. So Warner Bros. knows the guy well and clearly have a plan for him down the line. Deathstroke isn't a villain who will show up then just go away, he's as embedded in the DC Universe as Lex Luthor, Darkseid, or the Joker. Expect him to be around for a long time, especially if we get something as awesome as this...