J.J. Abrams And Meryl Streep Team For 'The Nix' TV Series

Having left both the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises in his rear view mirror, at least as director, J.J. Abrams is making a return to the small screen. Deadline reports he'll produce and direct a TV limited series adaptation of the hottest novel on shelves right now, Nathan Hill's "The Nix", and he's got Meryl Streep on board to star.

The book has only been out a couple of weeks but already it has achieved bestseller status. The story follows a failed writer whose estranged mother throws a rock at a Republican Presidential candidate, setting off a media firestorm. To get her free of the crime he digs deep into her past, discovering long-held secrets about the woman he thought he knew.
Abrams will be directing at least some of the series' episodes but not all, making this his first TV gig since the Undercovers pilot six years ago. Obviously he's an old hat at this, while Streep is less of a presence other than the occasional TV movie like Angels in America or a handful of Web Therapy episodes. WBTV are in control of this one and I'm guessing it will be the hottest project networks will be trying to acquire.