Is 'Smallville' Actor Alan Ritchson Playing Shazam Opposite Dwayne Johnson?

We've heard practically nothing since Dwayne Johnson chose to play the evil Black Adam in the eventual Shazam! movie as part of the DCEU. His schedule is so full that it's hard to imagine him fitting it in anywhere, and perhaps that is why no announcements on anything have been made. The biggest question, of course, is who will play the heroic Captain Marvel and his alter-ego, Billy Batson? There may now be an answer assuming we aren't all having our legs pulled.

Alan Ritchson, who played Raphael in the most recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies, says that he'll be Shazam opposite Dwayne Johnson. In responding to a fan's question whether he has been cast in the role, Ritchson replied with a simple "yup!". It's funny how such a straight answer somehow feels less honest, but it's just not often that a question is answered so bluntly. So the best idea is to probably take this with a grain of salt until someone at Warner Bros. makes it official.

That said, Ritchson is familiar with Warner Bros. and Justice League heroes in particular. His breakout role was in Smallville where he played Aquaman. Sorry, Jason Momo's got that role on lockdown now, but Shazam isn't a bad consolation prize.