'Gotham' Recap: Season 3, Episode 2- "Mad City: Burn The Witch”

Last week on Gotham, the major cliffhangers were that Selina’s friend Ivy was listening to things she shouldn’t have, and as a result was about to be attacked by Fish Mooney’s super powered goons.  One of those goons has the ability to age someone simply by touch.  As we saw last week, he dispatched Ms. Peabody, so when he briefly touched Ivy (before she fell down an open sewage drain), so we know she’s going to come back “changed” in some way.  Bruce also flexed his muscles with the Wayne Enterprise board.  Knowing that someone in his family’s company has been secretly working against him, and is responsible for not only his parent’s murder, but his assassination attempt at Arkham Asylum.  Little does Bruce know, they took the bait and kidnapped him.  Fish Mooney’s powers aren’t infinite as well.  Every time she used her powers of tactile suggestive thought, it weakens her and will eventually kill her.  She needs to find Hugo Strange.  Gordon has quit the police department and has become a bounty hunter who is hunting down many of the Indian Hill escapees while teaming up with new reporter Valerie Vale to uncover what’s going on with them

So what happened tonight?  Did Bruce Batman his way out of his predicament?  Did Ivy survive the agifieing touch and fall into the drain basin?  Will Fish resist the urge to use her power to her detriment?  Find out Bat-folks.

The episode begins with Bruce with The Court of Owls.  The bad guys that he threatened at the Wayne Enterprises board meeting got wind of his threat and easily kidnapped him.  For such a badass secret agent they were making Alfred out to be, he does get beat up a lot.  After Bruce awakens in their lair, he is confronted by one of them.  Bruce revealed that his threat was a ruse as he did not have much information, way to go Bruce on using his brain.  After all, he will eventually become the “world's best detective” whenever he becomes Batman, so he needs to continue using his smarts to figure things out.  The emissary of the Court of Owls goes by the name Katherine ad is someone Bruce recognizes from his parents’ many meetings at their house.  The two form a truce.  Bruce has to stop looking into them, and they will call off the attack dogs on him as his loved ones.  While this seems like it’ll stick, knowing how determined Bruce is as Batman, his thirst for justice will probably prevail.  For the time being, though, it looks like we’ll just stick a pin in this one.  Afterwards, he is drugged and awakens back at Wayne Manor as if nothing happened.

Bruce and Alfred reunite where they talk about the ordeal and that he’s going to back off.  Alfred suggests Bruce occupy his time with less worrisome activities and recommends ballroom dancing.  Ballroom dancing?  Hopefully, Alfred will try to “Mr. Miyagi” this into some way of teaching him self-defense.  We know that actor David Mazouz still isn’t old enough to don the cape and cowl just yet, but he’s gotta get started soon.  As the two talk, they are briefly interrupted by someone breaking into Wayne Manor.  Instead of it being someone from the Court of Owls, it turns out to be the Bruce Wayne doppelganger who escaped from Indian Hill.  Let’s call him “Alt-Bruce” for the time being.  Is he a clone?  Or is our Bruce a clone?  After all, Alt-Bruce knows where he lives, so he’s going to have memories of Wayne Manor.

Turns out Ivy survived the fall into the sewer.  To her (and our) surprise, she’s aged as a result of the touch from Fish’s Indian Hill guy.  No longer is she the sweet innocent little girl of the past two seasons, but is now played by actress Maggie Geha.  The producers are already on record saying that they aged her because, in the comic books, Poison Ivy is a seductress, and having a teenage girl be that would be well, creepy.  She spends the beginning of her arc pretty much as a fish out of water as she tries to get adjusted to her new body and frame of mind.  As she shows up on shore, she’s helped by a truck driver.  As she needs some food and water, she goes back with him to his place.  At first, it seemed like this guy was up to no good, but by the end of the episode we see that Ivy really is the danger.  She ends up killing the truck driver for his disregard of his plants.  Remember, Ivy has a fondness for plants.  Her killing him is to show us that not only is she stronger as a grown woman, but she also is no longer the sweet innocent little girl that she was previously.

The main story of the episode centered on Fish Mooney.  As she and the Indian Hill escapees are almost cornered by Gotham police, it turns into an all-out superpower battle as they use super strength, electricity and many other powers to take them on.  It’s very reminiscent of the old X-Men cartoon episodes where the Friends of Humanity would try to take on the mutants and get defeated because they're “normies.”

Fish is able to escape, but she still needs to find Hugo Strange.  So one of her henchwomen find Harvey Bullock (who didn’t do much last week) and kidnap him.  Fish uses her powers of suggestion for him to take her to where the police/government are holding Strange so that he can help them be able to use their powers and survive.  Now the manhunt is not only to get Fish, but to rescue Harvey as well.  Wanting to help his friend (and collect the bounty on Fish), Gordon goes along with the Gotham PD to Hugo’s secret black site.

Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot has been stirring up the populace against the Indian Hill “monsters.”  He gives very rousing “Make Gotham Great Again” speeches and now has a lot of support among angry citizens who want to kill the super-powered escapees.  The police have Fish and her group cornered, but then the angry mob arrives and causes a crowd control problem.  Gordon uses this as a means to get inside the facility where Fish is holding Harvey hostage.  Gordon toeing a gray line tells Fish he’ll let her escape if she gives him Harvey.  Meanwhile, he calls Cobblepot and tells him that Fish will be escaping out the back and he can take her out then.  

As the crowd rushes past the police, Fish makes her escape out the back.  As Cobblepot confronts her and Strange he asks Fish why she let him survive back towards the end of season one when they fought.  Fish quickly uses this to her advantage.

“You were my umbrella boy, remember? You rubbed my feet when they were tired. And, now, look at you. The terror of Gotham. Everything I've done in my life, possibly the best thing, was turning Oswald Cobblepot into the Penguin.”

Even though she treated him like crap, she reveals that she has a soft spot for him and as a result, he has a soft spot for her.  He lets her and Strange escape when he should have killed her.  For a moment, it looks like he might have shot Strange, which would have damaged Fish.  However he doesn’t go for it and as a result, she dies.

Leslie's back!
In the aftermath of the crowd killing a few Indian Hill escapees, Gordon and Bullock head on out.  Afterwards, Valerie Vale confronts Gordon at his house with her thoughts on him helping Fish and Cobblepot.  Although he denies it, they both know the truth.  The episode ends with the two of them hooking up.  While it seems like Vale will be Gordon’s new squeeze (since Leslie Thompkins has since found a new love interest).  However, the episode ends with Leslie coming back to Gotham.  Looks like there will be a love triangle and if you count Barbra a love foursome.

Speaking of Barbara, that “kiss me for information” troupe was a great callback from Matrix Reloaded.

Next week looks like we will be introducing “The Mad Hatter” played by Walking Dead’s Benedict Samuel.  With him arriving and Cobblepot stirring up the citizens to be murderous nuts, we will finally have a “Mad City.”