Ghost Rider Flames On In This New 'Agents Of SHIELD' Image

Marvel and ABC have been steadily teasing Ghost Rider's arrival into the MCU as part of Agents of SHIELD's fourth season. We've seen Gabriel Luna as Robbie Reyes, the human alter ego of the Spirit of Vengeance. We've even seen his slick ride, the Hell Charger.  What we haven't seen is Ghost Rider when he's full-on en fuego. Well that's now changed.

Yahoo! has debuted the first photo of the flaming Ghost Rider, alongside his awesome '69 Dodge Charger. Of course this isn't the familiar Johnny Blaze version of the character, since we've seen that version suck in two movies already. Robbie Reyes is a guy from East Los Angeles with a disabled kid brother to take care of and a fondness for muscle cars. He also has his own code of justice which will put him against Agent Coulson's team.

Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC on September 20th.