Ghost Rider Burns Rubber In New 'Agents Of SHIELD' Promo

With a new timeslot and the arrival of Ghost Rider to the MCU, this is shaping up to be the hottest season of Agents of SHIELD yet. We've already seen Gabriel Luna in the role of the fiery Spirit of Vengeance, but now we're getting a look at his sweet ride, the Hell Charger, and personally I think it's more badass than the classic motorcycle.

The latest promo is all about Ghost Rider and the reactions Coulson and his team will have to his arrival. Oh, and one of his victims who obviously isn't happy about him being there. We've seen aliens and even gods appear on the series but Ghost Rider brings a supernatural twist the series has largely avoided, but it fits with the current tone of the MCU which has Doctor Strange as its new centerpiece character. Hopefully we'll get a look at Ghost Rider in his flaming form.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns for season four on Tuesday, September 20th.