First Trailer For 'Fallen', The YA Adaptation You Probably Forgot About

Man, I forgot about this one. It was more than two years ago when we received the first look at Fallen, a YA adaptation based on the series of popular bestselling novels by Lauren Kate. There was never really any buzz for the movie, but the numerous delays and fading interest in the genre certainly didn't help. Now that the film is hitting theaters overseas the first trailer has been released and...eh. What was this called again?

Fallen stars Addison Timlin (who was great in Odd Thomas and Stand Up Guys) plus Jeremy Irvine, Harrison Gilbertson, Joely Richardson, Lola Kirke, and Sianoa Smit-McPhee. Directed by Scott Hicks (Shine) from a Michael Ross script, the story is a very Twilight-esque. Timlin place Lucinda "Luce" Price, a strong-willed teen sent to a reform school over a crime she didn't commit. There she is courted by two mysterious suitors who turn out to be angels that have been fighting over her love for centuries in a battle between Heaven and Hell.

Part of the reason for the lack of a domestic release is Relativity Media, which is only just emerging from bankruptcy. To help kick up interest in a stateside run, Relativity's Ryan Kavanaugh is asking fans to retweet the trailer 500,000 times. We'll see if that happens.