First 'Jumanji' Sequel Image, Dwayne Johnson On Why Karen Gillan Looks Like Lara Croft

Welcome to the jungle, the jungles of Jumanji. The Rock has debuted on Instagram the first image from Jumanji, a sequel to the 1995 film that famously starred Robin Williams. This one features a reunion of Central Intelligence duo Johnson and Kevin Hart, along with Jack Black and Guardians of the Galaxy's Karen Gillan. Just judging by this photo, the film is going to be very different from the original, but some are already finding reasons to take issue with it.

The photo shows all four of the film's stars decked out in jungle gear, but it's the scantily-clad Gillan that has some up in arms. Yeah, she looks like she just bought her jungle gear from the Lara Croft Collection, but let's not forget what movie we're talking about here. Jumanji, which is based on the Chris Van Allsburg novel, often featured characters that were meant to be seen as stereotypes, or tropes. I think that's what's happening here, and Johnson confirmed as much in this caption...

"Her jungle wardrobe will make sense when you know the plot. Trust me."

Oh, by the way, her character's name is Ruby Roundhouse, which sounds like a rejected Street Fighter character. Johnson's is Dr. Smolder Bravestone, Hart is Moose Finbar, and Black is Shelly Oberon, which sounds just professorial enough to make sense for the garb he's sporting.  As for that plot Johnson speaks of, we don't really know anything about it. However, Jumanji was about jungle creatures springing forth from a novel and taking over a neighborhood. Based on this I'm guessing we are going inside said novel.

Earlier tonight I exchanged a few words with a friend who was upset by Gillan's choice of wardrobe, claiming that only women get sexualized in that way. First, that's bullshit, especially when the Rock is standing next to her all oiled up and flexing his muscles. But this is exactly why I always say to wait until we know more before complaining. Nooooo, it's whine first, learn later.

Jumanji opens July 28th 2017 directed by Jake Kasdan.