Duncan Jones' Sci-Fi Film 'Mute' Is Headed To Netflix

Duncan Jones has been developing his sci-fi noir Mute for so long you'd be forgiven for thinking it wouldn't happen. I certainly didn't, especially after he went full-on studio mode with Warcraft. But the film is indeed happening, and now we know it won't be following the typical theatrical release pattern.

Empire caught up with the film's star, Alexander Skarsgard, and he revealed the film is headed to Netflix...

“I think they’ll do what they did with ‘Beasts Of No Nation,’ where they do a theatrical simultaneously to a Netflix release...I’ve just got back from Dublin where Duncan showed me all the renderings and the visuals of it and I’m very, very excited about it."

The Blade Runner-esque film is set in Berlin 30 years in the future, with Skarsgard playing mute ex-Amish bartender Leo Beiler who in search of his missing girlfriend. Paul Rudd co-stars as a surgeon who may be able to help out. One intriguing bit of info that has been out there for a while is the film's connection to Jones' debut feature, Moon. The two movies are set in the same universe, and we may even see a cameo by Sam Rockwell.

With pre-production underway now we could finally see Mute next year.