Daniel Radcliffe And Zachary Quinto Join Hackers Vs. Gangstas Drama 'We Do Not Forget'

What happens when the hacker group known as Anonymous turns their attention towards a Mexican drug cartel? Well, shit gets crazy enough that somebody wants to make a movie out of it with Harry Potter and Mr. Spock. Deadline reports Daniel Radcliffe and Zachary Quinto are set to star in We Do Not Forget, a film that will be written and directed by Stranger Than Fiction scribe Zach Helm.

There's some serious power backing this one as it will be financed by the same group behind last year's Oscar winner, Spotlight, along with Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) as a producer. Helm will tell a fictional story based on real-life events surrounding Anonymous' beef with Mexican drug cartel, Los Zetas. The hacker group had uncovered more than 25,000 government emails revealing the members' names and business information. They threatened to expose the information publicly when the cartel kidnapped one of their members. The decision to take on the violent drug dealers caused dissension within Anonymous' ranks, and ultimately the operation was dropped. How often is it that Anonymous backs down? Not too often. Los Zetas fought back hard, too, hiring their own security experts to basically beat the hackers at their own game.

Sounds pretty wild and could make for an interesting geeks vs. gangstas movie. If they really wanted to have fun with it they'd cast Radcliffe and Quinto as the cartel bosses. The plan is to get rolling by the end of the year so this is moving quickly.