Crossing The Border Turns Deadly In New Trailer For 'Desierto'

There's a chance Desierto might be the favorite movie of Donald Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio. How so? Because if everybody was as murderously obsessed with the immigration crisis as the gun-toting "patriot" played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, there would be no need to build a wall along our border with Mexico, because nobody would be fool enough to try and cross.

Written and directed by Jonas Cuaron (Gravity co-writer), this old school-style thriller stars Gael Garcia Bernal as one of a group of people trying to illegally cross the border. Their already-dangerous journey turns bloody when a vigilante starts picking them off.

While Cuaron was clearly making a statement about immigration policies here and abroad, he's done it under the guise of a vintage chase thriller, referencing the classic Vanishing Point as inspiration in the interview I recently had with him. Keep an eye out for that, and my review of Desierto before it opens on October 14th.