Check Out JK Simmons As Commissioner Gordon In 'Justice League'

Zack Snyder is the ultimate fanboy director, and he never goes too long without teasing his upcoming films to an eager public. A couple of days ago was Batman Day (a totally bullshit holiday made up by Bat-geeks), and Snyder took the opportunity to reveal this first look image from Justice League, featuring a certain familiar Bat-Signal manned by J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Jim Gordon.

We've seen plenty of how Simmons got all jacked up for the role as Gotham's top cop, but this is the first time we've officially seen him in character.  Presumably Batman will come zip-lining onto that roof at some point. Or just emerge out of the shadows behind him. If Snyder really wants to be cool it'll be Bat-Mite that shows up. That'll throw everybody off. Simmons has already wrapped on all of his scenes, which he says primarily involve Ben Affleck's Batman, which makes sense.

Justice League hits theaters on November 10th 2017.