Bruce Willis Teams With Hayden Christensen For Action Flick 'First Kill'

With Jean-Claude Van Damme making one heck of a career resurgence lately (especially in Kickboxer: Vengeance), you might think now is a good time for another '80s action icon to do the same. Maybe so, but not if that guy is Bruce Willis. He's just signed on for another generic-sounding action flick that will probably be in the Target DVD bin soon, but at least this one doesn't have him co-starring with 50 Cent. No, it'll be Hayden Christensen. Is that better?

The duo will star in First Kill (ugh), which will be directed by Steven C. Miller who worked with Willis on another bland action flick, Marauders. Penned by Nick Gordon, the plot is sorta confusing, with THR saying it  "centers on a police chief (Willis) who tries to solve a case that involves a bank robber holding a young boy hostage. Christensen will play the man whose son is taken hostage after he accidentally witnesses a thug shooting a bank thief while on a hunting trip. The father races against a ticking clock to rescue his son, while at the same time the police chief begins to wonder whether or not he played a role in the bank heist."

Say what? Whatever. Chances are this won't even make it to theaters anyway.