Believe Or Suspect 'Amanda Knox' In Two Trailers For Netflix's Documentary

Last year Michael Winterbottom took the fascinating case of murder suspect Amanda Knox and turned it into shitty ass The Face of an Angel, a film worth mentioning only to so it can be hammered. Hopefully Netflix's upcoming documentary on the subject, the simply-titled Amanda Knox, will prove far better. Judging by the interesting approach they're taking to the marketing it's already a superior effort.

The two trailer released for the film present two very different sides of the story, with one suggesting Knox is innocent and another that she is probably guilty and a psychopath. In 2007 Knox was accused and twice convicted in Italian courts of the murder of roommate Meredith Kercher. She was later acquitted both times, but still spent four years in prison. The international media ate the story up, indulging the public's fascination with all aspects of the case and Knox's personal life.

Directors Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn conducted in-depth interviews with Knox and other key players, making this more than just another E! True Hollywood Story on the subject. The complexities of the case should be explored in a way we have yet to see.  Look for Amanda Knox to hit Netflix on September 30th after a TIFF premiere tomorrow.