Amy Adams Makes First Contact In Two 'Arrival' Clips

The buzz for Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi drama Arrival has been swift and glowing since it debuted in Venice days ago.The film is based on Ted Chiang's novella, "Story of Your Life", and stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, and Forest Whitaker in the story of humans' first contact with an alien race. How much deeper than that does it go? From what we've seen so far it isn't your typical invasion movie, and the first two clips back up that assertion, as well.

The footage is incredibly tense, showing Adams as linguistics expert Louise Banks as she and her team enter the alien space craft. Not only is the gravity a little bit wonky, but Louise dares to remove her protective suit. After that, she makes another bold decision by approaching a mysterious wall of mist...and what happens after that is best left unsaid.

Arrival hits theaters on November 11th.