A '70s-Era Action Movie About Stan Lee May Actually Happen

There are literally thousands of Marvel characters out there and only a handful have been brought to the big screen. We have the legendary Stan Lee to thank for the creation of most of them, and his reward lately has been making often-hilarious cameos in pretty much every Marvel movie out there. So with superhero movies more prevalent than ever, perhaps too prevalent, the most obvious place to go next is a movie about Stan Lee himself. Well, one is on the way but it's not the biopic you might be expecting.

THR reports that 20th Century Fox, home of the X-Men and Fantastic Four, two of Lee's most popular creations, have picked up his life rights with the plan of making a movie. An action adventure movie...set in the '70s...with Lee as the hero...with a tone that's being described as Kingsman: The Secret Service meets Roger Moore-era James Bond. Ugh. The worst Bond.  The producers of Power Rangers and Twilight are behind this one, and the hope is to turn it into a franchise. Wonder if Lee will make a cameo?

The '70s were an interesting time in Lee's career as it's when he stopped writing his bestselling characters and became Marvel's publisher. That essentially made him the public face of the company and he set out to bring Marvel closer to Hollywood, a job he was kind of terrible at if we're being honest. But it gave him the chance to rub shoulders with celebrities and major power players, and that could prove a fertile setting for a comical riff on this period in his life. I'm imagining something along the lines of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, a personal favorite. This seems pretty early on as there are no writers or producers, but I'm very curious to see where it goes.