5 British Gambling Movies You Must See

There have been so many movies worthy of note in recent and past times. As people differ, so do movie preferences but these are some of the best gambling movies that have stood out on the British scene. These are the movies that really capture the thrill and suspense of gambling in every way.

Revolver (2005)
This is a movie with brilliant acting and a very captivating storyline. It tells the story of Jake Green who is a gambler in the big leagues, who is filled with rage and the quest for revenge after he was wrongfully convicted and spent seven years in prison. He perfects his table play using tricks learned in prison and faces Dorothy Macha who was a big time crime boss and the object of his rage, in an intense private casino game. Jake is able to successfully humiliate Macha thereby ruining his image as he continues to execute the perfect revenge. Starring Jason Statham as Jake and Ray Liotta as Macha. Some of the best bingo sites like those on bingosweets.com have bingo games based on this movie. Bingo players are tested for knowledge of elements in the movie, knowledge of characters and more. It is barely 10 years old but it is a perfect classic.

Casino Royale (2006)
This British spy movie in the Bond Franchise, showcases Daniel Craig as Ian Flemings James Bond. Casino Royal takes James Bond on a quest through the casino and he faces a dangerous well known arms dealer in a poker game. He has to gambles his way through series of games and adventures and he uncovers various plots and meets unplanned eventualities.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)
This movie plays around a band of four friends who partake in a big-bucks game of cards but get cheated and lose out. They become indebted to The East End Mobster and they have just a week to pay him the money they owe him, about half a million pounds. They end up planning to steal from a big time weed dealer which would have been pretty but for the heavily armed and dangerous thugs which inevitably ends in an epic gunfire battle. The suspense, humour and unpredictable nature of this movie keeps you glued to every scene.

Snatch (2000)
This is situated in London’s hidden hot zones for crime as a follow up to Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and is acted with the same deliberate touch of style and humour which keeps you glues t every scene. The story here revolves around an elusive diamond which was stolen and had different people clamouring to find it, from group of friends to Russian gangsters. With a series of confusing and daring match fixes and bet placing, this movie is one to watch.

Croupier (1998)
Clive Owen plays Jack Manfred, the lead character in this movie. Jack is an aspiring writer suffering from an intense writer’s block. He decides to get a job as a croupier to support himself and his passion. The movie showcases a rare scene of London’s gambling and nightlife. We are taken on quite an unconventional journey of seeing our story from the eye of the dealer and not as the player as in most movies, the movie also shows us different aspects of casino life. Jack tries to remain on the outside but the thrills of gambling inevitably draws him in.