Will Ferrell And John C. Reilly Will Solve Cases As 'Holmes & Watson'

Despite fans of the John C. Reilly/Will Ferrell comedy Step Brothers really wanting to see a sequel, it's not looking likely to happen. That's perfectly okay as long as Reilly and Ferrell give us something new once in a while, and they're about to do just that so gt ready to laugh.

Deadline reports the duo have agreed to star in Holmes & Watson, which as you probably guessed is a comedic take on Sherlock Holmes. If this all sounds vaguely familiar it's because Ferrell has been attached to it for some time, with Sacha Baron Cohen previously set as his co-star. Etan Cohen, who directed Ferrell in Get Hard, is still set to go behind the camera.

This is Sherlock Holmes project number one million in the works right now but this one promises to be the funniest. Given the way sequels have been going lately, especially comedy sequels, we're probably better off with Reilly and Ferrell in something like this rather than Step Brothers 2.