Totally Fu**ed Up Red Band Trailer For 'Don't Breathe' With Jane Levy And Stephen Lang

Fede Alvarez's remake of Evil Dead may not have set the horror world on fire, and certainly didn't launch the franchise he and Sam Raimi promised, but the director earned praise for making the film on his own terms. He managed to work with a classic and still do something new with the material, which is why fans of the genre have been keeping an eye out for his next project. That would be Don't Breathe, a thriller that is already earning a ton of positive buzz, largely based on trailers just like this one.

This NSFW cut is pretty vicious, but manages to keep just enough shrouded in mystery so we don't know too much. Starring Jane Levy (also of Evil Dead), Daniel Zovatto, Dylan Minnette, and the always-badass Stephen Lang, the story focuses on three teens who pick the wrong blind guy's house to rob, because this dude will totally f**k your sh*t up.

Don't Breathe opens August 26th!