Tony Gilroy, Not Gareth Edwards, Is Supervising 'Rogue One' In Post-Production

The other film besides Suicide Squad that has been dealing with production turmoil is Disney's Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and for a while there it seemed we couldn't go a day without learning some new disturbing information. Leading up to Star Wars Celebration all indications were that director Gareth Edwards had basically lost control of the whole thing, with Tony Gilroy and others stepping in for reshoots. While Disney didn't confirm it themselves, THR and Deadline have done the legwork so that there's no need for them to.

Both sites report that Gilroy not only directed the recent reshoots, but is now in charge of post-production entirely. Ugh. Now to be fair, Gilroy was also involved in Edwards' wrap-up of Godzilla so the two are very familiar with one another. And Edwards is still very much involved while Gilroy does "supervising" on the final edit, which may explain why it's still him we see doing all of the press. 

So let's just hope all of these cooks in the kitchen can come up with a meal worthy of Star Wars, because 'Rogue One' looks amazing and expectations are very high.