Tom Hanks Makes A Miracle Landing In New 'Sully' IMAX Trailer

As the guy who went to a GOP Convention and talked to an empty chair, nobody is going to tell Clint Eastwood to keep his mouth shut about anything. That said, his recent comments basically supporting Presidential nominee Donald Trump and assailing this generation as a bunch of pussies probably isn't going to win him any new fans. It also isn't likely to be the kind of thing Warner Bros. wants to deal with as they gear up the press run for Sully, which they hope to be an Oscars film in the future.

Directed by Eastwood and starring Tom Hanks, the new IMAX trailer reveals more of the spectacle behind Captain Sully Sullenberger's miraculous landing of  US Airways Flight 1549 onto the Hudson River after engine failure. While that undoubtedly makes him a hero, a lot of C-Y-A by the airline industry put Sully's actions, and really his entire life, under the microscope. 

We'll see if audiences rebel against Eastwood by refusing to buy a ticket, but it's doubtful considering the overwhelming response to American Sniper.  Also starring Aaron Eckhart, Sully opens September 9th.