The "Long-Awaited" 'Max Steel' Movie Finally Has A Trailer

For some reason there have been a segment of fans really clamoring for a live-action movie based on Mattel's forgettable Max Steel toyline. It's taken years, and probably should have been written off by now, but not only is the movie nearing a release but the first trailer is here.

Once set to star Taylor Lautner but now featuring some guy named Ben Wenchell, focuses on teenager Max McGrath who joins forces with an alien named Steel to form the powerful hero, Max Steel. The '90s toyline was turned into an animated series that you probably didn't watch, so the fact this movie is a thing is still kinda baffling to me.  That said, this doesn't look especially terrible visually, kindof like Power Rangers meets Earth 2 Echo, which I guess is a credit to director Stewart Hendler.

Also starring Aba Villafane, Maria Bello, and Andy Garcia, Max Steel opens October 21st.