'The Greasy Strangler' Debuts An Oily, Disgusting NSFW Trailer

Y'know, I want to pretend The Greasy Strangler doesn't exist. I want to pretend it won't be coming out in a few weeks and that a new NSFW trailer has just dropped. It's my site, I could do that. I saw the film at Sundance at sat through about 75% of it before tapping out. It's too gross, too ugly, too unfunny to be taken in entirety. But to ignore it would be a disservice to our readers who are fans of such strange gross-out humor, and so here ya go.

The Greasy Strangler is directed and co-written by Jim Hosking, with Michael St. Michaels, Sky Elobar, Elizabeth De Razzo, Gil Gex, Jesse Keen, and Joe David Walters starring. It's about a really creepy father and son, both REALLY tough on the eyes, who live on Los Angeles' margins where a filthy, disgusting, oily mutant freak known as "The Greasy Strangler" has been killing people. Oh, and there's a love triangle that I would like to have scrubbed from my brain, along with the rest of this movie.

The producers deserve credit for turning all of the negative buzz on their film into a twisted show of support. Certainly this is for only a very specific kind of audience and it doesn't include me.  The Greasy Strangler hits VOD and theaters on October 7th.