Taylor Kitsch To Play David Koresh In 'Waco' TV Series With Michael Shannon

The 1993 ATF raid on the Branch Dividians in Waco remains a flashpoint issue for anti-government types. It's also a popular subject for Hollywood with  multiple TV movies and documentaries, while Kevin Smith's Red State clearly drew some inspiration from the event. Now those tragic events are being brought to the small screen again with Waco, an event series that will star Taylor Kitsch and Michael Shannon.

Weinstein Television is shepherding the project which will be written by No Escape duo John Erick Dowdle and his brother Drew, with John directing.  In truly unexpected casting it will be Kitsch as charismatic Branch Dividians cult leader David Koresh, while Shannon is FBI agent Gary Noesener. You'd think that would be reversed given Shannon's penchant for playing fanatical characters.

The series hopes to show both sides of the conflict, which saw members of the Branch Dividians have their compound in Waco, TX raided by ATF over suspected weapons violations. That kicked off a 51-day siege of their ranch which ended with a devastating fire believed to have been started by the Dividians. Although if you ask around you'll find plenty who believe the government agents started the fire to wipe out the religious cult.

Honestly this is probably a horrible time to put out a series like this with tensions surrounding law enforcement procedures already at an all-time high. That would also make it something audiences will want to tune in for, and it's only a matter of time before a network picks it up.