Sci-Fi Film 'Kin' Casts James Franco, Zoe Kravitz, Jack Reynor, And Dennis Quaid

Any time there's a new sibling directing duo around it's probably a good idea to pay attention. You never know which will end up the next Dardennes, Coens, or Russos. The latest are Jonathan and Josh Baker, who have brought together a cast led by James Franco, Zoe Kravitz, Jack Reynor, and Dennis Quaid for the sci-fi film, Kin.

Kin is based on the Bakers' short movie, Bag Man, which debuted at SXSW last year. That film centered on a young African-American boy who ventured outside Harlem carrying a mysterious package. The feature version will expand on that, with Raynor playing a newly released ex-con who goes on the run with his adopted younger brother from a vengeful criminal (Franco) and an army of nefarious, otherwordly beings. Quad will play the siblings' father, with Kravitz as a young woman who becomes an ally.

Daniel Casey wrote the screenplay, with Shawn Levy (Real Steel) lending some muscle as a producer. You can check out the short film from which everything is based below. [Deadline]