Recap: 'Transformers:Combiner Wars' Chapter 2

So this second chapter of Machinima's Transformers: Combiner Wars delves into the some of the Realpolitik of Cybertron as they debate the fallout of what happened in the last chapter. The collection of characters in the leadership of Cybertron is pretty interesting. The planet where the story started Caminus is pretty important to the story. It’s not explained in this but with a little research, I’ve learned that in the comic series this is based on it’s basically a planet of female transformers. I don’t know why they need an Amazonia like planet but that is what it seems to be. For right now the main character seems to be Windblade who to me is quite annoying and I don’t get her motivation. She’s so much different here than in the current CN show Robots in Disguise where’s she’s this really cool and calm bad ass ninja jet person. In this she’s just all anger.

In the story it seems to be something with combiners and how they aren’t really a thing but while they can destroy a lot they don’t seem as devastating. Since this week is the 30th anniversary of the classic Transformers the movie it’s weird to contrast how the combiners are here in this to that one scene in the classic movie where Devastator forms and for one time only beats the hell out of the Dinobots. They don’t work that way in here. I know I’m only 10 minutes into this story but I don’t know if I’m totally feeling this take nor is making me want to go and read these comics. But hey I might just be old.

Yung Alpha Trion out until next week! You can watch Transformers: Combiner Wars now on go90!