Recap: 'Transformers: Combiners Wars' Episode 3

Chapter 3 is in effect in these Combiner Wars. Last episode we met the council of Cybertron with Rodimus aka grown-man Hot Rod, Mistress of Flame who has a long name for no reason, and Starscream – one of the greatest betrayers, badasses and punks in all of Transformers history. From there we have Windblade so angry with what’s going on with the Combiners and how they destroyed Caminus in their battles she ready to take extreme measures against the Ruling council. But someone stops her, the O.G., one of the best superheroes of late 20th century – Optimus Prime. Prime comes to change this young transformer’s mind but is he successful?

While watching this series I essentially just need to keep google open to understand the setting of this story. In this world of Transformers, Optimus Prime and Megatron have both been exiled after the peace between the Autobots and Decepticons have been established. The world no longer needs these leaders. Optimus seems to have no settled into his exile. Clearly in this story Optimus has something to prove or he feels is undone, that Cybertron still needs him. So with that he’s starting with Windblade. I don’t think Windblade was set up well as a POV character but she sure is gully. She’s just ready to fight at all times. Like OG Cliffjumper in the old show. She clearly thinks the Council are making decisions that she disagrees with greatly. Optimus has his curiosity piqued but that’s about it. This chapter is mostly talking and ends weirdly but clearly this is the beginning of a buddy adventure for the both of them.

See you next week for my thoughts on chapter 4. Yung A-3 out! Transformers: Combiner Wars is available now on Go90.