Recap: 'Transformers: Combiner Wars' Chapter 4

Hey folks, back again with my journeys through Transformers: Combiner Wars. Now since chapter 3 ended we have good old Optimus, with Windblade his wild-for-the-night sidekick, as they look into ending use of the Enigma of Combination from the Cybertron counsel. Now it seems that Optimus is like, "I can’t even dare think of trusting the idea of crazy Starscream with the ability to just make combiners all willy-nilly" while Windblade and us the viewer is like really watch out for Rodimus doing that mess, too. Like come, on Hot Rod was a screw up. So Optimus takes Windblade to go see the only other person that could help them destroy this thing – MEGATRON!! The don was in an arena just fighting the Constructicons for no reason other than he was bored. He’s a G.

So he sees Old Optimus and is basically like we gonna fight before I listen to a dang gone thing you say. So you get more of the usual them two wrecking one another. Eventually they stop because of Windblade and folks being shook about Starscream's crazy self, possibly having something so powerful. So now we have what feels like our protagonists of Optimus, Windblade and Megatron. But one thing while this little chapter was overall dope, the voice actor isn’t the OG Frank Welker but it’ll do, and I can never deal with Gen 1 Megatron turning into a tank. The tank ain’t as fire as the pistol. It makes no sense, but is so much more intimidating. This was the best chapter and actually moves the plot forward.

Julian, the secret 14th trillest of the Primes out until next week. Peace.