Patrick Stewart Thinks 'Wolverine 3' Will Be His Last Time As Charles Xavier

While we know Wolverine 3 will be Hugh Jackman's final time as Logan, he may not be the only X-Man hanging it up for good. Patrick Stewart has also been with the franchise since 2000's X-Men, in the role of telepathic mentor and dreamer of peaceful co-existence, Charles Xavier. With the James Mangold-directed film shooting now, Stewart revealed to ITV that he sees his time as Professor X drawing to a close, as well...

“I can’t say because I don’t know, but I would imagine this is probably the end of this franchise for me. But the thing about science fiction and fantasy is that you can never, ever say it’s the end, it’s over."

However, he did promise that if this is his last go'round, he's going to give fans a version of Xavier they've never seen before...

"But watch out! In March, I’m going to be back on the screen again. A very different Charles Xavier, that’s all I’m allowed to say. Nothing like the Charles Xavier you’ve seen in the past." 

What the heck does that mean? We've already seen Xavier killed and reborn by a quirk in the mutant timeline. What else is there, short of transforming into the monstrous Onslaught? Wait...they wouldn't, would they? Nah...no way....?

Wolverine 3 hits theaters on March 3rd 2017.