Obviously, Don't Leave During The 'Suicide Squad' Credits

It should be standard operating procedure to stay planted in your seat during the credits of any superhero movie, but with Suicide Squad screening here in DC tonight and elsewhere it's a good time for a reminder. CBM notes that the villain-centric film has a "pivotal and important" mid-credits scene that you'll want to stick around for, so no rushing off to the bathroom or to be the first out of the parking garage.

You can go to their site to read what the scene entails, but why in the world would you do that??? So let's speculate: what could it be? Joker goes nuts and kills half of the Squad? Clearly he's not really part of the team based on everything we've seen. Maybe another DCU hero shows up, like The Flash who we know is in there somewhere? Maybe this is where Batman comes in? Who knows?

Neither Man of Steel or 'Batman v Superman' had post-credit scenes, so this is new for the DCU and probably the start of a trend. Suicide Squad opens August 5th.