Neil Burger To Direct That Remake Of 'The Intouchables' Which Is Still Happening

Has Weinstein missed the boat on their remake of hit French comedy, The Intouchables? For years they've struggled to find a pair of stars that have the chemistry of Omar Sy and Fran├žois Cluzet. After going through Colin Firth, Jamie Foxx, Chris Tucker, and more, they finally settled on Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart. But choosing a director has been just as difficult, and now a new filmmaker is taking over from Simon Curtis who had been in negotiations.

Variety reports Neil Burger (Divergent) will direct the American version of the 2011 comedy about a wealthy, white quadriplegic who becomes close friends with his streetwise black caregiver. The original movie was huge, grossing $430M worldwide and was voted the cultural event of the year in France. Weinstein was quick to snap up the remake rights that same year but have had difficulty getting the project rolling.

Paul Feig wrote the first draft of the remake's script although John Hartmere has penned the version Burger will direct. Production is expected to begin in January.