'My Blind Brother' Trailer Has Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, And Adam Scott In An Awkward Love Triangle

Pretty much all you need to tell me is that My Blind Brother stars Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, Adam Scott, and Zoe Kazan and I'm there. That it also looks uproariously funny and offensive is only more reason to put this high on my list of moves to see next month.

Kroll stars as a guy who has always lived in the shadow of his blind brother, a competitive swimmer and local celebrity who also happens to be a total douche. When a beautiful woman enters both of their lives it sparks a sibling rivalry that turns pretty mess.

Kroll, Scott, and Slate are great at playing selfish a-holes and this looks like a chance for them to do just that. My Blind Brother opens September 23rd in theaters and VOD.