Marvel's 'Runaways' TV Series Is Headed To Hulu

Oh, so now I have to get a Hulu account, right? Marvel has been developing an adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona's terrific teen comic series, Runaways, for years. At one time it was expected to be a live-action feature film with Drew Pearce (Iron Man 3) writing the script and Peter Sollett (Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist) directing. That obviously never happened, but now Marvel has struck a deal to bring the project to Hulu as a series.

Details are still sketchy, but Deadline says Marvel Entertainment and ABC have struck a deal with the streaming service for a Runaways series developed by Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage. They've already got a big chunk of that market cornered with their Netflix shows, and perhaps it was decided branching out would be a good idea rather than piling everything onto one network. Runaways follows six kids who learn their parents are part of a villainous cabal known as The Pride. Rather than become villains like the parental units they decide to run away and become heroes, although there are plenty of speedbumps on that journey. They would have numerous encounters with the X-Men (Wolverine got his ass kicked), Avengers, and other heavy-hitters in the Marvel Universe.

We don't know if there will be any crossover between Runaways and other Marvel shows, or if we can see more superheroes make cameos. The team also includes a futuristic dinosaur named Old Lace and it will be interesting to see if it fits anywhere in the series. Seems like an expensive effect to add every episode.