Marvel Has A 'New Warriors' TV Series Featuring Squirrel Girl On The Way

Over the next couple of years you're going to see Marvel get a lot younger. You've got Spider-Man: Homecoming with a high school-aged Peter Parker. There's a Runaways series developing over on Hulu, and now the New Warriors, a team that was almost entirely made up of teenagers, is getting its own TV series from Marvel and ABC Studios

TVLine reports the news of a half-hour New Warriors comedy series, and what will get fans pumped is that the popular Squirrel Girl will be the key character. Is she part of the New Warriors in the comics? No, but fans love her as part of the Ultimate Spider-Man animated series and from the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comic. Basically she can communicate with squirrels, that's her thing. She was created in the '90s and was part of the spoof Great Lakes Avengers squad, but has really broken out onto her own, quite inexplicably. I've never understood all the love. When Anna Kendrick recently said she'd love to play Squirrel Girl in a movie, fanboys damn near had a stroke they loved it so much.

As for the TV series, the team is being called the "junior version of the Avengers", which is a simplistic way of describing them. They were formed by the vigilante hero Night Thrasher to combat crime, but grew into something much more. Members of the team have connections stretching from the Avengers to the Fantastic Four to the X-Men. One of its key members is the mutant Firestar, a future X-Man, and Vance Astrovik aka Justice has connections to the Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers. It was a later iteration of the team that was directly responsible for starting the superhero Civil War, which we just saw in the last Captain America movie.

This is pretty early on as the series is still being shopped. Could it wind up on Netflix? Probably not, but one has to think Hulu could be an option. A Runaways/New Warriors block could be sweet.