Luke Evans Joins 'State Like Sleep' Cast, Sophie Turner Goes To 'Huntsville'

Last year at Cannes we learned about the mystery-thriller State Like Sleep, which had an impressive cast of Rebecca Hall, Ben Foster, and Michael Shannon. It appears there have been some changes. Hall appears to be out and Katherine Waterston (Inherent Vice) in, while Luke Evans is the latest to come aboard according to Variety. The Meredith Danluck-directed film is said to center on the basic need for human connection and love, the most vague plot ever.  However there are details in Evans' role as he'll play a "sleazy owner and operator behind the mysterious club Lebellfleur. It’s essentially a secret high class gentleman’s club that a woman thinks holds the answers to her husband’s death." Evans will be seen next in another mystery, the anticipated adaptation The Girl On the Train.

Sansa Star and Jean Grey herself, Sophie Turner, will next star in the indie film, Huntsville, joining Dylan McDermott and Jack Kilmer. Directed by Eric England from a Black List screenplay by Anthony Ragnone, the story centers on a solitary Florida man who enters into a questionable relationship with Josie, a recently transplanted high school student played by Turner. Given that McDermott is very much in his '50s and Turner is 20, we can assume the relationship in question is between their characters. [THR]