James Franco And Seth Rogen Take On Hollywood In The 'Zeroville' Trailer

With the arrival of festival season comes a plethora of James Franco-directed projects. At Toronto we'll have a chance to see Franco's John Steinbeck adaptation, In Dubious Battle (some images here), and following not too far behind it is Zeroville. While that one doesn't have any confirmed festival slot just yet, it looks like a shoe-in to be at Sundance where Franco is pretty much an annual presence.

The first Zeroville trailer is here and it features Franco and a bunch of his buds. Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, Will Ferrell, Joey King, Jacki Weaver, Dave Franco, Craig Robinson, and Megan Fox are all part of the film about a movie fanatic with tattoos of Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor on his head, who arrives in the bizarre world of 1960s Hollywood. Here's the lengthy synopsis:

Despite the cast this looks like one of those Franco movies that will slip into the abyss and never get seen by anybody. For instance, I'm still waiting on a release for I Am Michael, which hit Sundance last year and has gone nowhere.